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I’ve just had the following reply from Sonos. 

Check out the first sentence in the third paragraph - apparently the app is addressing what customers have been asking for… 😡


Your initial email has been shared with our CEO, Patrick, who conveyed that you had reached out to us and requested that I contact you to provide assistance.

First and foremost, I can understand the disappointment here when things don't go to plan and there is no obvious reasoning behind this and I'll be happy to take ownership of your case and see you through to a resolution.

Moving forward, this revitalization of the Sonos app is our most ambitious software update yet, and aims to address what our customers have been asking us for. It’s a huge undertaking, and we are taking the time and effort to ensure all features work seamlessly and meet both our standards and the standards of our listeners. With this commitment in mind, features such as playlist creation and queue editing within the Sonos app, sleep timers, and local library support will not be available at launch, but will be added to the app on a rolling basis over the coming months. We understand the disappointment regarding the missing features and rest assured, our top priority is bring these functionalities back and improved.

Sonos no longer working.  It functioned briefly after the major update but is now completely dead.  System tells me I have no connected devices. Although elsewhere on app there's a list of all my out all my equipment.

Like everyone else really p*ssed off you removed the old app and forced use of new one (which doesn't work). Now have a load of expensive equipment which I can't access.



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Horizon could have made a better job of it.

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Sonos in an official statement, after the many complaints from customers due to the approximate app that it has released, creating havoc, promises to put everything in order by updating the Sonos S2. But what he didn't say is that it will take several months to do so. In the meantime I reinstalled the old version, which apart from the somewhat spartan graphics, works fine

This is nothing new since it’s been posted multiple times, but I’m adding to the choir stating how poorly designed and executed the new app update is. It’s a complete fail. The app sucks. Do not download it! I am also trying to find how to get the old app version back on my iPhone but the wait time for support is over 90 minutes! I’m betting this is because everybody and their grandmother is calling in with the same problem and trying to get the old app back.  This is a real poor job by Sonos. I hope you fix this quickly. 

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How did you install the old version?

I am really disappointed in the new app. I have several playlists saved that have content from several services. I can no longer play these.  I need help and customer service is impossible to reach these days.  Any solutions??

Why does the app keep losing my speakers? Also very slow to respond  when for example changing speakers.  Sorry but it’s so frustrating and I will not buy any more products until I feel this is fixed. Wi-Fi  in my house is excellent and speakers are in the same room as the router 

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How did you install the old version?

I use Android and from Aptoide I downloaded the old version Sonos APK onto my phone


YouSee music do not work in the new Sonos app. It do not allow you to search for music. But when I use the YouSee music app without Sonos it works perfectly. 

We listen to a lot of live radio on our Sonos. With the new app our live radio favorites have nowhere to live. If they do I have to do a search if it has not been listened recently. The upgrade does not seem to have a home for one’s favorite live radio! There should be an editable place as the former version of the app did to keep one’s favorites. It should be able to be at the top of the page have it’s placement editable able to be ordered. I don’t like having to sort through all those other “stations” of curated music if I don’t wist to. Needs work.

The new app pauses music randomly.  I used to be able to start my music (and even close out the app) on my iPad without interruption. Now as soon as I go to another app the music pauses.

This seems like some that sound have been tested a little more. I prefer functionality over looking pretty! 👎

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Because why the hell would even the update of your products themselves worked, when the whole app is f*cked up pretty good, right?

App version 80.00.04. / iOS 17.5

Took approx. 7 Minutes. Update ended with Error: 1 001 fo each of my 8 products.

This is just pure magic u did with the new app.

Pure freakin’ Harry Potter wizard chonga bonga sh*t.

I totally expect at this pace, that the doomsday will come, when one of your updates, is going to brick one or more of my speakers.

And be aware, that when that day comes, expect that the whole European freakin Law Enforcement Frontal Ursula von der Leyen attack will come your way, because this whole new redesign brave new world app sh*t u did, is getting on my nerves real fast.

As many of you in the community have said, this new S2 controler is junk. The engineers who pushed this one on us should be pushed out the door… 

I have another issue and maybe someone knows how to workaround: I use Tidal streaming, and when I chose a Top Tracks to play, Sonos only plays the first track on the Tidal list… anyone know how to fix this?


Please bring back the ability to browse album or artist info from a track when using Spotify. 



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Luckily I have kept hold of my Sonos Connect and will fire this up with S1 for the time being.

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There is no need to review the numerous faults and bugs with the new app. I have 5000$ worth of Sonos equipment and I’m now, like all of you, just became a paying beta tester without my consent.

This is not a smart move… Anyway..

major issue is the design of the iPad version while playing music, regardless of the service. Many use the iPad like a console. I actually have a wall-mounted iPad just for this purpose… 

Now, controlling Sonos via an iPad is like a bad port of the iPhone app version to a larger screen.

The ONLY smart option that is viable/practical on a larger screen is to have 3 viewing options while music is playing:

  1. Large album image + album/track/artist info + zone/speaker controls for the active speaker/group
  2. BOTH playlist AND album image plus controls
  3. zones/speakers (can be a temp overlay)

whoever came up with the popup window like design has never controlled a Sonos system on an iPad.

Seriously, this would not pass an app design 101 course…

Releasing the app without the ability to edit a playlist was surely done to meet an unrealistic management imposed timeline.

Hey Sonos, instead of turning me in a glorified beta tester without asking me first by imposing users with a half-baked app, reach out if you need a management consultant. My expertise may be better suited to your needs than beta testing software.

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My Sonos app on IOS was updated automatically. I was not give a choice. I have now lost all functionality. I con select a speaker and play a single song. That’s it. The list of lost functionality would include almost everything. I do not know what is up with Sonos, but this is the last straw for me. I am trying to find a buyer for my equipment ($10k worth including Era speakers). I will find an option for playing music from a company that cares about its users. Sonos seems to have nothing but contempt for us. I would be less angry if there was a way to revert to an earlier version. But I am told that is impossible and no timeline for a fix has been communicated to us.

Do these idiots know the new app doesn’t work??? I need the old app immediately, not days, weeks or months from now but right now today! I cannot use my $3500 worth of speakers because of this terrible update! Do it NOW SONOS!!!

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I am not sure. But i think Sonos do not care

The update to 16.1 has negatively affected several aspects of my Sonos system.  Volume controls are more difficult to control, moving from one streaming source to another is often unresponsive.  Example: I have two radio stations that I regularly listen to and switching between them was previously quite easy.  Now I literally have to shut down my system or the switch doesn’t happen.  I planned to add at least one more speaker to my Sonos 5 two speaker system - I won’t do that until I see this problem resolved.  What I read on the Sonos Community discussions tell me I am not alone and the answers being provided are more frustrating than helpful.

Very disappointed in the 16.1 update!

Gary Parker


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A matter of trust


By now most Sonos customers are aware of the release of the Sonos “upgrade”. All the missing items and major issues have been well documented in this release that looks more like a version one pre beta, or more likely a high school class programing exercise.


Sonos had the option of creating a new version leaving the old one in tact, but instead choose to foist the change on an unexpecting user community.


This brings me back the the heading “A Matter of Trust. For years Sonos has built good software and we as users could count on a good product. I originally bought Sonos products based on that reputation.  With this software release they have violated that trust. Even if Sonos fixes the current version of software will you automatically upgrade to the new version, I won’t. When Sonos introduces a new product, such as head phones, will you trust them to produce a good product, I won’t.


TRUST is a major victim to the Sonos action.


As we all know, the new S2 app is a disaster. My wife still is the oldest to app on her phone. Is there anyway I can copy the app from her iPhone to mine?

This update is trash! Navigation sucks...I shouldn't have to have my Bluetooth on when all devices are on the same Internet access.. music cuts off unexpectedly or when a call/text/email occurs which wasn't an issue since all devices on same network...and where's the sleep timer?!? 

I would prefer the old version, much better than this 

My entire system of 4 speakers is completely useless now after this forced update.  It is shameful & should be fixed post hast.  Any idea how long will it take?