New S2 controller keeps dropping connection

  • 28 December 2020
  • 1 reply

i just submitted diagnostics 1953926018. VERY frustrated Sonos customer here. After 2 years of perfect connectivity and NO changes to my ISP, router or speakers, now sonos drops every few minutes and intermittently loses speakers, all Play 1. This only started after the S2 controller app update. NOTHING ELSE CHANGED. I was on CS chat for over 50 min this am, case #02469027 and we tried everything, no luck. They won't eacalate until i do this all over again but via phone. What a waste of time when NOTHING changed on my end. I now have 100s of dollars in speakers that won't play.  What is Sonos doing to correct??

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1 reply

Did the CS rep you spoke with suggest a network refresh, where you unplug all Sonos devices from power, and while they are unplugged, perform a reboot of the router, plugging the Sonos back in only after the router has come back up?

Unfortunately, none of us in the community have access to any Sonos tools, and consequently can’t see the case you referenced, or any diagnostics submitted, so the more details you can provide to the rest of us, the better we can mentally reconstruct your setup, and potentially provide much more useful feedback.

And while you may not have made any changes to your network, there are quite a few influences, both internal and external that can have changed. Data networks aren’t nearly as invariable as electrical wires, even wired networking is subject to many, many alterations that wouldn’t normally be noticed by the user.