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I came back from a work trip, and when I came home I noticed that Sonos needed some updates. So, I did. But now the widget of the android app is gone, but most annoying of all, I cannot use my music library anymore. I can update it, but I cannot browse it's folder sturcture, nor can I search it's contents. I have a huge library on both my laptop as on my phone, with songs that arent on Spotify. 

Main points:
1. I have this music to listen to.
2. Sonos has made it impossible to listen to.
3. I'm now unsure what the advantage is of using Sonos, opposed to just plugging a mini-jack into one of my devices?


So, Sonos, get your shit together, and make sure users can access their libraries again. And maybe, if your developers might have some time left, let them develop a widget. But without that library function all of my stuff will go right into the bin. 

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Library features return next month:


That's a thing. Is ridiculous that they've released an app without such basic features. 

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Use the web controller or revert if you are on Android.  As to why they released an app that locks people out of their music given that is their prime function…I have no idea and can only conclude the leadership is out of touch with how people use their products.  SMH.

Broken app from broken company