new app needs recall and or rebuild

  • 4 June 2024
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I recently updated the app on iPhone for Sonos and I’m sorry to say it’s an utter car crash. The original app was excellent worked perfectly so I could link to my NAS and play music, use streaming. It was great. This new one is terrible. My NAS is inaccessible streaming start and stop is slow and uncontrollable. Could you please give us the option to role back to the original app, recall the frankly embarrassing app you have recently released, or release an update that fixes these problems. Looking at your forums, I’m not the only one who is less than impressed. Looking forward to your rectification. Kind regards Dom


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4 replies

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There have been thousands of requests for this. If it was going to roll back it would have done by now. It won’t be happening. 

There is a new update for the app coming in the next couple of hours, apparently. Maybe see if this sorts anything out. 

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Don’t go holding your breath - Still excludes local libraries from search, still can’t skip down artists lists alphabetically. No indication of digital volume level and most annoyingly, no way to change source from within a speaker/speaker group. Essentially, still a POS and I’m still using SonoPhone instead.

One small improvement: You can now close the Sonos advert that annoyingly appears in the middle of the home page.

I literally came here just to say this new app is straight trash. So is their stupid AI assistant for support 

The new update is still a POS!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! This utter trash has destroyed my system ! Never buying Sonos again!