New App: Just make it play music consistently through Sonos speakers

  • 10 July 2024
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Dear managers at Sonos:

Could you please, please, please concentrate on improving the new app as quickly as you can with emphasis on making it play music through Sonos speakers? 

It is well over a month after you promised that the new app would be a great improvement over the previous app.  It is still a disaster. 

About half the time it won’t connect to Sonos speakers.  It still comes with messages either saying that there are no Sonos products connected, no services or simply can’t play music for some unknown reason.  Then, when it finally grants me the ability to hear some music, it randomly cuts off speakers and songs. What’s up with that?  It almost seems like you have gone out of your way to sabotage the Sonos system.

When can we expect an app that plays music over Sonos speakers and does it consistently?

P.S. I have spent so much time on your mess over the past month that I think it would have been cheaper to hire a musician to play music at my house every day.


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3 replies

Have you considered using an alternative app than the official 80.x version? 

SonoPhone iOS ($3)

back to the previous 16.1 on Android 

Desktop app on Windows and Mac

These apps are working great for most and provide a better experience than the official app. 

I couldn’t have said it better! I simply want to be able to play music on my speakers I invested hundreds of dollars in. It simply will not play, grouped speakers ungroup, volume control is missing, and support just tells me to unplug everything and try again. I’ve contacted them 3 times since the new app came out. I literally just want it to work.

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Thank you AnniQ and Bumper.  I just downloaded the SonoPhone app a few seconds ago.  It immediately recognized all my products.  It looks like it even brought back my missing play lists that disappeared when I switched to the new Sonos app.  SonoPhone appears to be superfast and dependable.