New app actually has promise

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I now have the new app  i quire like the interface and it is not "laggy". Ideally So os should have waited until sleep timer, alarms and music library index were properly integrated. Puzzling to understand their thinking - bad PR is Bad PR. I have one music service not working but I do believe this is a step forward.

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I can certainly see the ‘potential’ in the new Sonos App, but was completely surprised by Sonos launching it with some ‘commonly-used’ features ‘missing in action’. Anyhow it is what it is …and I will get by until ‘normal service’ is resumed.

I am just starting to become familiar with the layout and beginning to find my way around the App now. I do find it a little slow in places and would like to see some further optimisation. The App did install with zero issues on both an iPad Pro & iPhone and is proving stable (not a single crash) and at least all my devices/services are working for general audio playback. All playlists are working and my local NAS library is working too.

Voice control - Alexa & SVC seem to be unaffected by the update.

There are things I don’t like aswell, but I can go onto raise those things later (after the dust has settled), but it’s mostly cosmetic, so I’m not in any rush.

I have also read the link below about the list of features that are coming to the new App in the near future….

…and those things will likely address a majority of my concerns, I will just be patient and wait for those things to land and by that time I’ll hopefully be really familiar with everything and can move forward from there.

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The only ‘potential’ is has, is because it’s so bad now, that they can only improve it!


Missing feature most users depend on. 
Horrible GUI with missing info. 
Wasting screen real estate…

They should have spend time fixing/improving setup, management etc, not completely breaking everything 🙄