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  • 7 July 2024
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So before what I’ll call the new S2 “black” app was just updated, I had on my phone and was able to use (at different times)  both the original S2 brown app (to control some newer products like a Sub

and an Arc ) and separately also use  the original gray S1 app  to control some older connects that I have in my house. 

When I updated the Brown S2 app to the recent black S2 update, the old S1 gray app now says that one of my connects is incompatible with the old gray S1 app (and that I have to remove it or update to S2) , and says it needs the S2 app,  but it’s not being  discovered by the new black S2 app.

How can I fix this to be annle to uae all my products as before ????


(The new S2 black app is still controlling the newer kit and the old gray S1 app is still controlling some old connects. )

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Hi @Andrew Perrin 

Thanks for your post! And, apologies for the delay.

There will be two ways to fix this, but only one of them is available at present.

The preferable way would be to reset the problem Connect, downgrade it with the S2 Sonos app (black) to S1, then add it with the Sonos S1 (grey) app to the S1 system. At present, however, the S2 (black) app does not have the downgrade to S1 feature, so we are unable to do this right now, but the feature will be coming back at a yet-to-be-determined time.

What we can do now is get your Connect running S2 that is on the S1 system to work on the S2 system instead.

Please follow these steps to do that:

  1. Factory reset the problem Connect
  2. Open the S2 (black) app
  3. It should offer to add the device. If not, go to Settings Icon » Add Speaker or Component
  4. Complete the process

When the new app supports downgrading to S1, the process will be thus:

  1. Factory reset the problem Connect
  2. Open the S2 (black) app
  3. Dismiss any offer to add the product
  4. Go to Settings icon » Visit Help Center » Downgrade product to S1. Complete the process
  5. Again, dismiss any offer to add the product
  6. Open the S1 (grey) app
  7. Go to Settings » Products » Add product
  8. Complete the process

I hope this helps.