Music Library setup for personal lossless files

  • 20 November 2022
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I’m a brand new Port user coming over from the Squeezebox/Logitech Media Server world after 10 years. I’m aware of others that maintain their own digital music collection locally saying that Sonos seems to be abandoning that market segment, but is the S2 controller really that limited that it can’t see the ARTISTSORT tags in my extensive FLAC library and sort by last name instead of first name? Also apparently I can’t set it to NOT show artist names associated with songs in compilations so my Artists list isn’t so cluttered? I knew I’d be trading off some customization options by moving to Sonos and I’m glad not to have to spend so much time tinkering with my SB Touch just to get it to work with my network, but I thought there’d be some flexibility for displaying my music the way I want it to. The Music Library options in the S2 app for iOS (Settings > System > Music Library) are ridiculous! What do others do? Are there 3rd party apps that work well with lossless libraries? Any suggestions or other threads you can point me to would be much appreciated.

1 reply

With respect to the Library display, “Artist” is simply a string. There is no “First, Last” or “Last, First”.

Full disclosure: I’m not a PLEX user. Some users in this Community enjoy PLEX.