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  • 17 November 2016
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I recently gifted a Play 1 to a friend. She told me that she was not very computer confident,so I installed in for her.
She has a new iPhone, but her laptop is old (7 years). I attempted to install the Sonos controller on the laptop (windows XP) I downloaded and installed the Sonos app and attempted to hook up the play 1 speaker. However, the program didn’t “see” the speaker when I hit the stop & + button. I tried several times to no avail.
I then tried to install the Sonos app on the iPhone, that took a while but was eventually successful. The app functioned fine. I wanted to give Sonos access to her music library, but her music was only on her laptop. After her iPhone installation, I again tried to install Sonos on her laptop. This time the laptop “found” the speaker immediately. But the music library settings was ‘grayed out’ and I am unable to get access to her music library.
I noticed that the laptop did not have iTunes installed, I installed iTunes, but I was still unable to define the laptop music lib. I am sure I did something our of order, please comment on this situation.

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6 replies

XP is only partially supported for the current Controller version. This will result in limited features. including losing the ability to add your music library.
Wouldn't it be possible to add the location of the music from the iPhone app? I'm just guessing here, not near my system so that I could try it myself, but it seems as though as long as the Sonos system can "see" the XP machine, it could treat it as an NAS data source.

That being said, all management would need to be done from the iPhone. As jgatie points out, XP is no longer supported for the controller systems.
Wouldn't it be possible to add the location of the music from the iPhone app?
Yes of course. But without the assistance of the Desktop Controller the user will need to manually create a network share on the XP laptop for the music folder. The appropriate \\computername\sharename address would then be keyed in using the iPhone controller.
i.e. not very easily.

Thanks for the confirmation, ratty, much appreciated.
Thank you for your quick response. She didn't use the laptop for much so it was never updated. She really doesn't have lots of music on her laptop. I told her to add "new" music on her iPhone. I will see if I can get an inexpensive laptop for her with a more updated OS.

By the way, she loves her new SONOS. She is exploring the wide new world of Radio by Tunein. She loves the idea of controlling the sound with her iPhone.

Thanks again for your help.
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You could set it all up using your laptop.
she could then rip all her music to google play music 50,000 tracks storeage for free. Then she could stream all her music without any other hardware, just her phone as a controller.