Murfie ceased operations

  • 21 November 2019
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81 replies


Murfie’s streaming player is still working!  I was able to access my entire collection today via their webplayer (  In addition, I’m able to login and play my collection via a BlueOS streaming device I own, as well as, the iOS app on my iPhone.  Can Sonos please open up access to this music service so we can continue to stream our collections via our Sonos devices, for as long as the service is still available from the cloud?

I am able to access all my music as well. Is it possible to download my library from the player?

I got to download but in mp3 format but at full 320kbps, just 3 albums, I couldn't download on flac because I didn't make the request to MURFIE, because I wanted to sell it, do you have access to I cannot enter from the date they closed.

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Hi, has anyone received further EM about return of CDs?

I’m getting a little concerned, wondering how long the landlord will allow access to the premises.

Thanks for any info.


hmmm some of these users from the image below, will they be in this forum? xD I wonder if I can access the server where Murfie digital music is, I look for the Puddle of Mudd - Abrasive CD and I can't find it.

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Good news ! bought :


A plan is in place and your media is safe, and secure.

Crossies LLC has purchased substantially all of the assets of Murfie, and over the next few weeks will be integrating their systems with our technology to re-enable access to your collections and once again enjoy lossless access to your music. All of the disks Murfie stored will be transferred to our own warehouse, where they will be safe for many, many years.

The services we will provide will be very much the same as Murfie's. We may do some things a little differently than the old Murfie did, but will be as transparent as possible through the whole process.

We weren't expecting this, and our service isn't currently capable of serving everyone right off the bat. We'll be transfering your collections, and scaling up as quickly as possible, but it may take a little time for us to catch up.

I hope that you will like the service we are building even better than you liked the old Murfie, but if you choose to have your media returned, we will honor Murfie and Murfie Customer Return Service pricing for at least the next 5 years.

Welcome to the new Murfie!


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I just received this message yesterday (7/25/20) .  .  Not quite sure when our CDs will be available on SONOS.


Hello Murfie Members,

It's been 6 full months since Crossies LLC took over the Murfie service after it shut down late last year, and a lot has changed in the world since then. Many of the plans we had in place before the pandemic, came to a screeching halt, and progress has been much slower than anticipated since then. Logistical, technical, and I'm sorry to admit, personal problems have prevented the service from progressing as quickly as we anticipated.


You should currently be able to log into the website with your old username and password to see your media. If you own some of the over 2500 albums we were able to digitize before the shutdown, you'll be able to stream or download that media as well. We recently got the Android app working again, the IOS app needs a bit more work, and we have just gained access to the SONOS developer account to begin work there. The Media Marketplace system is still under construction, and the accounting system still needs work before it can go live. Until the service is fully functional we are not charging anyone for storage or access.


Rest assured that the media you own is safe and secure at our facility in Arkansas, and under constant guard, though returns and digitization work are still on hold until we can break through some red tape preventing us from unloading the media. We are doing everything we can to get it all re-processed, and are committed to ensuring that every piece of media that we hold is handled as it's owner requests. We have cash on hand, we have drastically lowered the monthly burn rate, and we have other revenue streams that are sufficient to sustain the current situation. There is no danger of repeating the events of last year. Murfie is a phoenix rising from the ashes to become stronger than ever.


I know these delays have been frustrating, and I thank you all for your patience and support.


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Hi everybody, I’m John Fenley. I’m working right now on getting things going again. I’m working on building the soap service that SONOS needs in order for it to start working again. I’m doing my best, but I have no previous experience with this particular protocol. I’m sorry about the delays.

-John Fenley