Missing Sonos favourites, slow load of Playlist and cannot use Search

The Favorites Cannot load on the startpage on my IOS devises (2 iPAds and 2 iPhones). It’s loaded on my Mac and Windows controller.

The IOS controller Connects very slow and ofte it Cannot load the playlist but the Music is Playing.

The search function says “Something went wrong…”

This has started aften the Update - I’m not impressed by the new App.

When will Sonos Update the app with fixes?


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Same here: Favorites haven’t worked since v80 was released, same error message “something went wrong”.

It works fine on Desktop and my own Windows app, its just the official iOS app that is broken. I’m guessing there is an item in there that the new code is freaked out by. There are two “unusual” items in my Faves: I have a shortcut to line-in, and a shortcut to the Apple Music Library. Oh and a TuneIn classic shortcut.

I had so many problems with new app . Missing playlists , speakers dropping out , slow response etc that I spent £2.99 on SonoPhone app available from App Store . Sloved all problems . Play lists took few minutes to appear on first use . Instant response . No dropping out of speakers .