Minimum Amazon Unlimited Tier Required to Support One Home Sonos System?

  • 27 November 2022
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Hi Sonos Friends,

Been using Spotify Family as our primary music streaming for Sonos and everything else. I want to take advantage of Amazon Unlimited’s higher resolution for our Sonos system, but the 13 year old daughter insists she will die if we cancel Spotify because of her 10,000 playlist combinations of the same 47  pop songs. I understand that you could transfer the playlists from Spotify to Amazon, but let’s not open that can of worms for the moment because she is 13 and rationality is only a small part of the bigger picture.

If I wanted to let the kid keep her Spotify and take on Amazon Unlimited for our Sonos, can I get away with a one device account for Amazon Unlimited or do I need a multiple device account? Anything from experience I’m not accounting for or should be considering?

Be Well an Thanks a Ton.


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The one-device plan should be sufficient especially if your daughter will continue to use Spotify. I would test out this plan and see how if goes. If you find that you have multiple people wanting to stream Amazon Music at the same time, you can always upgrade later.

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Agree with @GuitarSuperstar that one membership plan for Amazon Unlimited should be sufficient, however, to have multiple streams of Amazon Unlimited playing on Sonos you need to initiate playback using the Sonos app. If you try casting using the Amazon Music app to different Sonos speakers then you will likely receive an error message that the account is already being used elsewhere.

Thanks, guys!  I think the switch is worth it.  I spent some time pitting Spotify against Amazon UHD on a track by track trial ( Boards of Canada, Velvet Underground, and Taylor Swift’s new album) and on my setup there’s a level of richness and clarity that’s noticeable. I have an Amp set up with some $600 front ported Elac bookshelfs. 

I did observe that when I hook up with the pair of old Play 1’s in the kitchen, the UHD switches to HD because UHD is not supported on some of the older products. Not that it would matter all that much on the kitchen setup.