Lost ability to toggle Touch Controls on/off in iOS update 16.1 -> 80.00.08

  • 18 May 2024
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I’ve been a loyal Sonos user since 2013, and have several products in my home:
  Play:1, Play:3, Era 100, One SL, Move & Move

I rely heavily on the feature in the iOS app that allows me to disable the touch controls on each speaker, my kids each have one in their room for audiobooks, and we turn it off when they ought to be in bed / doing homework, etc. but in the new iOS app that feature is gone on all but the One SL!

Now to ensure they’re not used, I need to physical unplug the speakers and remove them from the room, a big hassle!

I have a few other minor complains about the new app: it’s more work to get to an overview where I can see what’s playing in all the rooms; and I’ve experienced several instances where speakers vanish/reappear, or don’t play when I try to start music.

Would love to be able to roll back to an old version until these issues are addressed!

7 replies


Same problem here, the option is missing in the new app. 

Same here - its gone, but Sonos still keeps the same advice for the old app.  Stupid.

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Same here - its gone, but Sonos still keeps the same advice for the old app.  Stupid.


You mean the Touch Controls setting that can be found under Settings - [Room/Speaker]?

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EDIT: I just checked all my Sonos speakers, and there was one speaker for which the app wasn’t showing Touch Controls, strangely. So I just unplugged it, closed the Sonos app, then plugged it back in again, let it connect up and then re-opened the app. The Touch Controls were then there under Settings - [Room/Speaker].

Maybe this will work to reinstate your Touch Controls option.

Indeed.  This is the latest iOS app


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I think you’ve clicked one step too far. After Settings, click the room and just scroll down. (Don’t click on the speaker product name.)

There you will find the Touch Controls toggle option.

Excellent - thanks a lot.   I thought it not possible because the Sonos instruction does not follow, plus the comments at the start of this thread.   Appreciate it.