Locally stored content - best practices?

  • 6 December 2022
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I have music and audio books stored on my NAS.  I previously ran a Samba docker container so I could share this content with my S1 system and SMB 1.0.  Though I didn’t use it a ton so it may have been broken then; not sure.  I just upgraded to S2.  I can index my Audio Books and Music folders with Sonos directly on the NAS (not the docker container) but only some books play back; others consistently fail.  Not sure why.  Anybody know of limits of file size?  These are all in the same “Audio Books” folder.  The files that work are smaller (200mb or so) but small files have also failed.  I can access that share with the same user account Sonos uses and copy the file so I don’t think it is a permissions issue.


Separately, I run Owntone on my network (iTunes server).  But apparently it doesn’t support DLNA.

I have Plex but am hesitant to enable Remote Access.

What is the best way to expose my Audio Books and Music to Sonos?

Any good docker containers of DLNA servers that I could run that Sonos could connect to?  Could Sonos search by artist or just navigate via folder?


Or should I bite the bullet and just enable Plex remote access?  Or is there a way for Sonos to consume from an iTunes server?





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Hi @Ramias 

Thanks for your post!

If some files play from Music Library and some do not, all I can recommend is that you check that the file permissions are the same, and that the files match our Supported audio formats for Sonos music library requirements.

Plex does on-the-fly transcoding, so it should be able to convert any unsupported file types while serving to Sonos. Personally, I have had Remote Access activated on my Plex server for some time now - it’s handy when you are not at home! I think Plex is probably your best bet for getting things working, outside of using Sonos’ own Music Library.

I hope this helps.