• 11 January 2017
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Okay, I must have been blind, not having found this earlier.

There are all kinds of crazy and futile efforts gojng on, like Android controllers under Arc Welder, and Windows controllers under Wine and PlayOnUnux, just anythjng to get a glimpse of a Sonos controller for Linux.
But the real thing is here.
It really is.
Maybe even it was here all along.
Look no further:

Still in alfa stage, but it really works well for me.
lt recognizes my system and its groups.
It handles radio, my music library, and even my subsonic server.
lt manages the cueue.
It can add new music services...


Grab the .deb paçkage from GitHub, double click it, and Bob's your Uncle !

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3 replies

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Thanks, I have also been looking for a Linux solution for basic management of my queue. Will be using this one for now. My aim is to install a web controller on my pi so its always on and also accessible for guests without downloading any apps. Sadly this does not run well on my pi
@quintanarra: You may want to try the Subsonic or Madsonic music servers. They run on the PI3 under raspbian or ubuntu, and offer a web interface etc. Apart from that, they can link in your Sonos just as easy as Spotify and Deezer do. The webinterface is part of the free package in Subsonic, and the Sonos/DNLA support require a license. Both require a license in Madsonic but are free to try for 30 days.
Madsonic and Subsonic are siblings, the former is somewhat
While I'm at it: completely ignore PLEX if your musc collection is > 100 songs. (no, I did not mean 100K, just 100)
THANK YOU! This is working nicely on Mint-KDE 18.2