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  • 20 July 2022
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I purchased my 1st Sonos product today (play 1) and have it set up except I can’t get my iTunes account added to the Music Library.  It is asking for my “computer name” and I only use my iPhone because my laptop is outdated.  Is this possible to set up this way?  And If I have to use my laptop, how do I find the computer name? Thanks in advance for any help!  I am not very computer savvy!


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3 replies

No, unfortunately Apple blocked off Sonos’ ability to play music from your iOS device. Depending on which Sonos speaker you have, it’s possible to use AirPlay 2 to send the music from your iPhone to the Sonos speaker. You’d use the Apple Music player, instead of the Sonos player, of course, and then just use the AirPlay 2 setup screen to choose your Sonos speaker as the target. 

Thank you for the information!  Maybe I can figure out what my “computer name” is on my laptop and get it worked out that way.  I appreciate the reply! I have the Sonos Play 1 

The PLAY:1 is not AirPlay 2 compatible, it was designed and manufactured long before Apple came up with AirPlay 2. See the FAQ here.

Here is how to set up the library from your Mac/PC, which is used basically as a repository for the files, the speed of the computer is rarely, if ever, an issue. 

How to figure out what the name of your computer is depends on the type of operating system it is running, but you should be able to google the information on how to find it fairly easily.