Is there a reason SONOS disable their app until updates are applied?

  • 10 June 2021
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I get really teed off that SONOS in their high and mighty way disable my system if I don't apply the updates immediately. Whatever happened to user choice? There used to be a LATER option, (although SONOS admitted it didn't work), but now there is no choice whatsoever - install or don't have a sonos system…. have we really entered the big brother era where SONOS simply won't wait? Just as well Apple don't take the same approach.

I’ve heard all the excuses about my system won't work without them, but it’s is such a basic set up that all the new add ons are completely irrelevant and do not apply to my system… and even if they did SONOS can wait until I’m ready to install, and not be forced to like a big bully who won’t wait


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2 replies

Just disable automatic system updates in the app and automatic updates in your app store. It isn’t difficult.

The app is only ‘disabled’ if the app and system get onto different versions.

You are simply wrong.

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If you use a third party app instead then your system will never get an update. Only the official apps can deliver updates to your devices.