ipad screen display drops down when changing rooms

  • 9 October 2022
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I have devices in several rooms and control everything from my iPad. If I am listening, for example to music or a podcast, I have full screen display however if I change listening rooms the display invariably drops down to a narrow band at the bottom of my screen which I have to tap to restore full screen display. Although not a great problem, I do find it annoying particularly if I change rooms several times during listening.

I contacted Sonos support and was told that this is the way the app is designed to operate!!! I replied simply , “Why as it’s very annoying?” “What is the reason for the app being designed to do this?” The only response I have received since are two customer satisfaction emails! Not very satisfactory to say the least.

Anyone else find this frustrating?

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1 reply

No, not really. When changing rooms, I need the UI to display all of the available options, which requires the full screen of my iOS device. The choice to go back to full screen on the play function in order to change context makes perfect sense, from a UI perspective.

I’m not even sure I understand how it might function differently. Perhaps a pop up for selecting the room that disappears after use? That might be challenging, is it on a timer? How does this contextual pop up know that I’m done selecting rooms to collapse and go back to a full screen display of what is playing?

I get that you want the now playing screen to be ‘always showing’, I’m just not sure how that might be implemented in a way that makes sense. What is your suggestion?