iOS App: Battery drain

  • 21 November 2016
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Anybody finding the latest iOS app is draining their iPhone battery?

When I leave my house (and wifi network), the app is continuing to do something in the background. So, it is typically drawing 25% or more of my battery life over 24 hours. Lots of 'background activity.'

This is a new issue -- within the last weeks. I have to remember to close -- not just put in the background -- the app when I leave my wifi network.

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6 replies


There seem to be a few threads about this issue. Most people, at least those who bothered to respond back to this forum, seem to indicate that turning off the "Lock Screen Controls" resolved the issue for them. My guess is that there's a bug somewhere in the app, and they haven't either figured it out, or looked at it.

I'd suggest that you go to Settings -> Sonos -> Lock Screen Controls and make sure it isn't green (on).

It's inconvenient, if you're accustomed to using the lock screen like I am, but then again if it doesn't kill the battery, that's a plus.

And if you'd be so kind as to come back and post here to let us know if it works for you, it might help the next person who may be in your shoes.

Thanks for the reply. I had searched but didn't find threads on the issue. Anyway, I am trying the 'lock screen' control change and see if it works. I will try to come back in a couple days with a report on the result.
Yea, the search feature here isn't the best, I'm afraid. Not your fault, but thanks for trying :)

In another thread, someone reported that it didn't work for them, so I'll continue to hope for your sake that it does in your system. There certainly appears to be an issue in the app. I only hope that they can figure it out soon.

Look forward to hearing if it worked or not.
Here's a couple of threads (yay, I found them!)

There might be some useful information in there for you. Or, it may frustrate you more. I hope for the former. 🙂
so, changing the 'lock screen controls' feature through the settings app on the iPhone has seemingly fixed the issue. The Songs app has gone from using 25-30% of the battery due to background activity to using 2%!
Delighted to hear it. Apparently, it worked for you, but didn't work for someone else, so I'll continue to suggest it as a potential when other people post with that particular problem. 50% is better than 0% solution.