IOS 17 and trueplay

  • 19 September 2023
  • 33 replies

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33 replies

As of today, Sept. 22, Trueplay is NOT working on either the iPhone 13 or either of my two iPad Pros, all with the latest version of the operating system.  The OPTION does come up in the Sonos App, but when you actually try to RUN it, it just says “coming soon.”

Just updated to 15.8.1 and truplay is now working again on my iPhone 14

I’m running iOS 17 on an iPad mini 6th gen and and iPhone 12. I’ve just updated the Sonos 2 app to 15.8.1, released today. On the iPad I can now Trueplay, but on the iPhone I can’t, being presented with the ‘coming soon’ message. 

Not working with iPad Pro 11 (4th gen) with ios 17.

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Not followed through, but I seem to be able to start Trueplay on my iPhone XR and on my iPad 7th generation.

Can’t adjust volume now with ios17

Excuse me Ba-ruuce, I was just pointing out another issue with the new os. 

Sad this isn’t working. Just picked up my first Sonos system and can’t tune it with my iPhone 15PM. 😠

iOS version 17.0.1 on an iPhone 11.

Sonos app 15.8.1

Sonos OS S2

Trueplay Tuning is not working anymore; message says: “Trueplay tuning coming soon” so can’t tune Beam + sub-mini.

Restart of the iPhone didn’t work.