IOS 17 and trueplay

  • 19 September 2023
  • 33 replies

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33 replies

Still no joy for me CMO, but then nothing seems to have changed so I wasn’t expecting different results. I’m still on 15.8.1 on Sonos and when I check for updates it says Your Sonos system is up to date. I have received a minor update on iOS for my iPhone 12 to 17.0.2 but this has had no effect. 

To be clear my issue arises when I select Advanced tuning on the Choose a Trueplay tuning option: screen. Selecting this brings up the Trueplay tuning coming soon page. If I select Quick tuning then this does work.

Sonos has yet to release an update that suggest that this issue has been addressed. You’d want to keep your eyes on the release notes

Sad this isn’t working. Just picked up my first Sonos system and can’t tune it with my iPhone 15PM. 😠

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Sad this isn’t working. Just picked up my first Sonos system and can’t tune it with my iPhone 15PM. 😠

Sonos will likely support true play on iOS 17 before they add support for the new iPhones. IIRC iPhone 14 support was added in Dec 2022. 

I spoke to soon.  As of today, Oct. 10, it seems to be out of service again.  I wanted to retune the Era 300 (the original tuning effort went badly and actually boosted the already boomy, hollow sounding bass) -- only to find Truplay wasn’t available on my iphone 15 Pro Max or ipad Pro, all with the latest versions of ios and the latest versions of the Sonos app.

Got my arc, base and one speakers. Happy man. I bought an iPhone 11 just to use Trueplay and it was just the job.

And now it doesn't work on iOS 17. Are we likely to see this update. Bose speaker system I think next time.

Can someone pull their finger out. People pay a lot of money for these systems, at least keep up to date

iOS 17.1.2 on iPhone 12 running Sonos 15.10 and true play tuning won’t work. Says it can’t hear one of the speakers. Never finishes. Frustrating!  Reset phone and speakers. 

You might also reboot your router, oddly enough. But if it still isn’t working, I’d call Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your network and Sonos system.