How to write a Windows firewall exclusion for sonos

  • 10 December 2017
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I would like to write a Windows Defender Antivirus exclusion in the Windows Defender Security Center so that it stops barring Sonos from accessing the music folder. Has anyone tried this? You are allowed to chose from four exclusion options : file, folder, extension, or process. My money is on the process...if the Sonos process is allowed than all is well? Any thoughts on this or any suggestions on the process name. Possibly Sonos.exe as the process name?

The above is spawned from my failed attempts to add my music library on a new computer. Got the library added after many hours and countless attempts but when I reactivate windows defender it turns on me and will not access my music.Grrrr.

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7 replies

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Antivirus exclusions would be keeping a program (process), folder, file, or file type (extension) from being scanned for viruses. That's definitely not what you want here. The firewall is blocking connections, not the antivirus. :)

The first thing to check would be if sharing is enabled for your network connection. Usually, but not always, this is a question asked the first time you connect to a new network. If it isn't enabled, Windows will assume that it's a "public" network, which is much more restrictive than a "private" network. To check this, go to Start > Settings > Network & Internet. Click the network type on the left (WiFi or Ethernet). If Ethernet, click the network that shows "Connected". If WiFi, click Manage Known Networks, then click the network you're connected to, then click the Properties button. Change the Network Profile to Private.

The fact that you say it works with Windows Defender disabled means this is the most likely issue. So check that before we go further in the troubleshooting. 🙂
Thanks for the tips Mike,

Network ,Ethernet, is set to private.

When I started Sonos today there was a windows defender dialog box stating "Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this app" with the option to allow. Well, I allowed, and still no music, "access denied" or alternately i get the "unable to connect to " blah blah PC". I get those two dialog boxes in the Sonos controller. I can play radio stations.

I'll continue to peck away and report back.
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Yeah, it's Windows' own file sharing that handles Sonos being able to access your music... the Sonos controller just changes settings in Windows to share your music library when you go through the process. The firewall changes that were made when you clicked "Allow" on that Windows firewall message were related to the Sonos controller's ability to receive the broadcast data from your Sonos speakers, which is key to things in the controller working properly.

However, the error message you're receiving is important. An "Access denied" message would mean that your Sonos speaker is able to communicate with your computer, but the account info it has been given doesn't have access to the folder(s) that hold your music. An "Unable to connect" message would indicate that communication is not able to be established, either because the firewall is blocking it or the service(s) that provide that connectivity may not be enabled or set up properly.
Mike, Thanks again for your assistance. Your pointing me back to the simplest of cures led me to the promised land.

Wow, the red face appears, during one of my reboots the file sharing option was toggled off!

I hope the self-driving cars of the future aren't controlled by a windows based system. You're about to have a head on collision and the screen says "sorry system access denied...GOODBYE" or maybe "internet connection unavailable...GOODBYE"!

No, i'm not bitter, but after 30+ years for Microsoft I think my next computer will be an apple, although my last iPhone update was a bit wonky. And i live in Seattle! I know my share of Microsoft millionaires.
Computer OS's are all the same. I've got both, they both do odd things, just in different areas. One isn't better (or worse) than the other, in my most humble opinion.
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Glad to hear you got it working. 🙂
Thanks to everyone!

Regarding operating systems, I just know I'm not going to be an early adopter of driver-less cars!