How do you see what user is streaming to the SONOS?

  • 30 October 2017
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We have three SONOS speakers at the office and often times when we need to stream a track for whatever reason, someone else might be streaming to it. How do we determine who is streaming to the SONOS, so that we can either kick them off or ask them to release the stream.

Best answer by Airgetlam 30 October 2017, 22:59

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5 replies

There is no way. Not to be pedantic, but the system doesn't actually stream from a person. The controller app tells the speakers where to get the music from. The speakers then go out and grab the music, either from the internet, or from someone's NAS or telephone as a storage device.

But in order to "interrupt' the music, you just start playing from your controller. It will stop the previous stream, and start yours.

You would need to let everyone know who has access to controller that they shouldn't be doing the same thing, though, or they could easily interrupt your stream again with theirs.
One of the problems we currently have is that people are overriding the stream. And then another user will interrupt the stream again. Is there no way to see an active user at all? Not even through here? http://:1400/status
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Airgetlam is correct. There isn't a way to see who sent the last command. Because the players are available to any device on the network, there isn't the concept of an "Active Session" that you might see on other devices. You just send a command from any device and it follows that.
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The only way to do this would be to run a network monitor that watches for the UPnP AVTransport commands, and matches them to controller IP addresses.
I use a family plan of Apple Music, and it doesn't not matter if two Sonos zones are playing the same stream independently.