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  • 20 July 2022
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Looking at all your Sonos Radio stations and you have a category of Christian, but unlike every other music service out there you don’t play popular Christian or Worship Music.  You have a channel called Grace with a sub-name of Crossover Praise which is just pop music that might have a positive message.  I wish you would add a modern praise station that is consistently pure Christian music.  Examples are SiriusXM the Message or Pandoras Today’s Christian Hits Radio or Spotify Best of Live Worship.  Its almost insulting to think someone thinks the music played is what poeple are looking for under Christian Music.  


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1 reply

Part of Sonos radio is not actually produced by Sonos, but a package of internet radio stations provided by Tune-In, I don’t have my sonos in front of me, and I don’t think Sonos provides a list of current stations, so I can’t say whether the stations you’re referring to are controlled by Sonos not.  

However, I have noticed that the Sonos produced stations have two subtle aspects to them that may or not be pleasing.  The first is an attempt to play some artist/tracks that are not as popular, mostly in an attempt to make the station more interesting than all the other, perhaps more generic, options out there.  Secondly, much of genre music has a location/region element to it, and I suspect that the Sonos stations are curated in California.  So for example, the country music I’m more used to in Texas has some differences than what I hear on the Sonos country station.  The result can be good or bad depending on tastes.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what your experiences with your Christian station.  Although like I said, I don’t know that what your listening to is a Sonos produced station.