Gear 3 Frontier App

  • 21 April 2017
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Samsung Gear 3

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9 replies

I suspect that you're going to need to provide more information so we can figure out what it is you want. Are you asking them to develop an app for a Gear 3? Does the current Android app not work?
My bad posted before I meant to.

I am hoping that as we move forward, the Samsung Gear 3 app for Sonos gets improved. Not sure who wrote the current one -- it has potential but falls short.
Ah, now I understand. 🙂 Might be worthwhile to post exactly what areas you find it lacking in, since my assumption is that the controller is pretty much the same thing across all product lines (PC/Mac/Tablets/Phones). Some constructive criticism and useful suggestions might spark additional conversation!
The spotify app for the Gear doesnt appear to drive sonos... it will play the music to your watch or on your cell, but it would be really nice if you could route it to Sonos devices.

Thanks much!
Since the Spotify app is written and released by developers at Spotify, you may want to poke them on their boards. It seems unlikely that they would monitor Sonos' boards, but its possible a Sonos rep might pass the request along.
Sounds good. Since there was earlier much Spotify capability and functional conversation about Sonos, I wasnt sure if the two were ultimately tied at the hip or if in fact were the same companies. New topic: Sonos needs a gear 3 app.
My impression is that Sonos wants to be "tied at the hip" with pretty much every streaming company out there. It's just a matter of convincing them all to use the API that Sonos set up.

The only way Sonos makes money is people buying their hardware. So, the more reason for people to purchase the hardware, the better.
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There is a 3rd party Sonos app for the Gear 3, it is called ZP Controller and is good for basic control of zone players.
The native gear 3 music player controls the sonos basic functions (play, pause, next, previous) and shows album cover art, but not volume. A sonos app for sg3 would be great. Classic app for a smart watch.