Future development/ideas??

  • 24 May 2017
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Here are some ideas and suggestions for future developments, does anyone know if these are available now or in a pipeline for future development: 1) linking devices: Can a small device be built to attach a single device like a TV, radio, ipad, tablet or PC and will allow the device and sonos speaker to connect and play? 2) Quick actions device: Can a small device be developed to allow for quick actions such as volume & grouping and changing sound output without having to open a phone/pad app? 3) Portable speakers: Can the sonos 1 be made portable? 4) Speakers voice control: Can the sonos speakers be made voice controllled? 5) Group speakers: Can different speakers be grouped as one in a room such as a play 1 & play 3 or 5, currently i have a play 1 & 3 in one room but these cant be linked to show as one speaker in the same room, i have them as kitchen & kitchen 2 and have to keep grouping them manually. Many thanks Tony

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4 replies

Sonos rarely speaks about current or future tweaks or features, so I doubt you will get answers for most of these. Though they do sometimes announce major implementations, such as the Sonos/Alexa implementation that will bring Sonos voice control via Amazon Alexa devices later this year.
Other future product is develop a new model of Speakers for PC like: SONOS PlayPC
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Other future product is develop a new model of Speakers for PC like: SONOS PlayPC

Playbase with optical out from PC to Soundbase?
I'm confused as to what you're asking for. Is it just an optical out on the Playbase/Playbar twins? What does a PC and Soundbase have to do with it?