FULL spotify integration (and other 3rd parties)

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Does anyone know when the Spotify Radio support is supposed to be released? I just purchased a Sonos system and I was very disappointed to find out this didn't work. I see threads going back to at least summer of 2012 requesting Spotify Radio functionality, so I'm glad to see it planned, but does "planned" mean 30 days or another year, or something in between?
The integration of Sonos and Spotify apps have improved a lot with the latest versions, however they still leave a lot to be desired. Please work on better integration of the sonos app, so we can manage our spotify music/playlists from the Sono apps. Would love to see spotify radio and starred playlists being available!
Does the latest version support Spotify Radio?  I even look at the features of the integration without paying for Spotify Premium again (which I'm willing to do if everything works)

Edit: I just signed up for Spotify Premium again to test this and it was another waste of money, Spotify Radio is not supported yet.  I think I saw some new things around playlists, but I haven't had time to mess with that yet.  Overall the integration is still very weak.
It works reasonably, the sonos spotify thing. It is not optimized yet, but that is understandable given the fact that the companies are not related. I would love genre support though;)
This is a continued problem for me. I get Spotify emails with great playlists but can't play them through Sonos.
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The 3 Spotify functions I miss the most when using Spotify through sonos are: 1) shuffleplay The whole catalouqe of an artist, 2) beeing able to share Music with Spotify friends and 3) The posibility to access Spotify apps
I have selected albums and songs in the Spotify "Your Music" facility in the iPhone and desktop app. Unfortunately I cannot access these lists in the Sonos Spotify app! It is a nuisance to have to find work-arounds for such a sophisticated (and expensive) system as Sonos so please do something about it! Thanks