FULL spotify integration (and other 3rd parties)

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Wow, I see a to of frustrated customers on this thread and no responses from Sonos… I have the same issue… what gives?
Does the latest version support Spotify Radio?  I even look at the features of the integration without paying for Spotify Premium again (which I'm willing to do if everything works)

Edit: I just signed up for Spotify Premium again to test this and it was another waste of money, Spotify Radio is not supported yet.  I think I saw some new things around playlists, but I haven't had time to mess with that yet.  Overall the integration is still very weak.
The integration of Sonos and Spotify apps have improved a lot with the latest versions, however they still leave a lot to be desired. Please work on better integration of the sonos app, so we can manage our spotify music/playlists from the Sono apps. Would love to see spotify radio and starred playlists being available!
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I agree that Sonos needs to improve the Spotify ingetration significantly. There are many features which make for a poor user experience but one of the most annoying things I find is that I cannot seem to simply click on a single track in a playlist and let the playlist continue from there. The only option to get a whole playlist to play is to "Play Now" the whole playlist from the beginning. I therefore find I am not using Spotify on Sonos nearly as much as I should do because I have many playlists which have 100+ tracks in them and its quite boring to listen to them all from the beginning. Only work around would be to create shorter playlists or use shuffle, neither of which are ideal. Come on Sonos - sort this one out... Spotify and Sonos are made to work together but right now they just don't!
As a long time owner of Sonos and Rhapsody user I recently changed over to Spotify due to the higher bitrate. I was surprised at the lack of features on the ipad controller compared to Rhapsody. This is a major disappointment since Spotify is number 1 in the market.
Does anyone know when the Spotify Radio support is supposed to be released? I just purchased a Sonos system and I was very disappointed to find out this didn't work. I see threads going back to at least summer of 2012 requesting Spotify Radio functionality, so I'm glad to see it planned, but does "planned" mean 30 days or another year, or something in between?
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Really, the Spotify integration remains poor. Using Spotify on Sonos is pale ghost of the Spotify desktop controller. It is sufficiently lousy that I am debating returning my Sonos system, or adding Airplay into Sonos as a workaround,