FLAC Unsuported sample rate

  • 18 March 2023
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What sample rates for FLAC files work with Sonos Music Library. I have music from a variety of sources, so they tend to vary.

Sonos documentation does not specify:, since I’m using S2 - 24-bit should work and this list should mention sample rates is some aren’t going to play.

I get the unsupported sample rate 24b96000Hz and 24b192000Hz errors. 44100Hz seems to work, but that’s 16 bit?

Before I go downsampling my entire music library this would be good to know. I’m aware I could host a server to do the work or use Plex. 


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2 replies

Highest bit level is 24.  Highest sample rate is 48 kHz.

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@Gregito Read the first paragraph in the article you posted:

“Sonos systems support mono (1-channel) or stereo (2-channel) audio files with sample rates up to 48kHz.”