Feature Request: Play Line-In for alarm

  • 16 June 2016
  • 4 replies

I have a Connect tied to a Bose Wave Radio in my bedroom. I run my TV sound though the system via SONOS Line In.

I'd like to set an alarm so that the SONOS automatically switches to the Line-In input every day at noon (changing from the news/music I listen to in the morning), so there's sound on my TV when I turn it on without having to change additional settings. Currently, I can't select the Line-In input as an alarm source.

If this is too difficult to achieve directly, what about allowing a line-in source to be tied to a SONOS Playlist? I could select that playlist as my alarm source as well....

Thank you.

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4 replies

Indeed this would an really important feature to enhance the value of the Sonos system. Shouldn't be that difficult to implement
They've had requests for this feature going back to at least 2013, but no action on it from Sonos. I would also like it to be implemented. I have an FM stereo source tuned to the station that has the local MLB team as a line in on one of my Play 5s, and I would like to be able to set up alarms to have all my speakers start playing it about 10 minutes before each game. I used to do this when I had XM - on Monday morning I would set the alarms for the whole week and then I would never miss a game. Can't do it now and can't see any reason why this couldn't be implemented.
Yes! Please make this possible!
I agree. Need this please.