Feature request: Make TV dialog sync easily accessible in-app

  • 12 June 2021
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Hey all, I got a request to make:

Wouldn't TV dialog sync would be much more reasonably placed if it was in the main UI as seen in the screenshot below?


Either here or at least under the 3-dot (setting) section.


Why is it much more reasonable? In one word: usability.

In a couple: Think of the feature's use-case.

I, for instance, have several products which I use: Xbox, Native TV apps and a streamer. Some apps require me to use the TV dialog sync, which requires searching for the settings and clicking through a minimum of 4 menus, with some scrolling thats involved. That's not very convenient when you're already bothered by the off sync and care to enjoy the content you're watching asap.


Also, adding it to the Widget so it will be only one click away might also be awesome.

Hope this can be considered and prioritized.


If you read this, please respond and add your feedback or just reply with "+1". Perhaps we, as a community, could help to make the change by showing the value this would add to the community.



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2 replies

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I myself do not need the TV dialogue enhancement, so maybe I’m missing the point here, but I would imagine this as an “always on feature”. So it wouldn’t need to be very accessible. It does not work that way for you?

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Firstly, thanks for replying. Please note that I'm referring to the TV Dialog sync, not the enhancement.

Unfortunately, because I'm often switching between devices and apps, it's not an "always on feature" for me.

On the contrary, I'm using it on an almost day to day basis...