Feature Request: Export and Import Sonos Playlists

  • 25 February 2013
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216 replies

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time to stop begging. sonos doesn't answer this request. they have the tool to do this because their techs do it. They don't want you to have the tool and I don't know why. But years of asking has produced nothing so probably time to stop.
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Please, please, add the possibility to save, import, export and edit Sonos playlists. Due to my own mistake I just lost a carefully constructed playlist by saving it as a playlist already present. My error, sure. But if I had the possibility of replacing it with a backup I wouldn't have had any problem at all.
I lost all my Playlists by moving my  Sonos parts to other Rooms during disconecting. It's a big mass.

Sonos -> Please be so kindly to start immediately to find a solution for that.

Even a full backup with restore function will help in the first step. (I'm sure, this functions exists in your development box, it's just not user ready.)

PS: Generally is the quality of the components and functions top. But without the posibilities to save his work, a lot of users are forced to switch to other components.

best regards

I lost all my playlists when I added a new Sonos component which became the main "bridge" for my setup...
+1 for at least be able to export "sonos playlists"

In my case me, my wife and kids have made nice "Sonos Playlists" but there is no way (as far as i know) to export them in for example XML or M3U format to be able to use them on a MP3 player and/or phone for example.
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Quote from Mike Lucas "I recently moved my library from a PC to a NAS device.  That broke all of my playlists".
Hadn't realised this broke the playlist.
Now there is another reason why this feature needs to be implemented.

Come-on Sonos, too many people have been asking for this. Get your great tech guys working on this as a matter or priority.

* SONOS is all about having a great way to listen to your music.
* Playlists are all about an individual's personal music preferences, and they become very treasured.
Not being able to save your playlist (or export them) is a huge missing feature to a premium product.
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Okay Team Sonos! That's a year we've been asking for the functionality of saving/exporting playlists - I think it's about time we were given an update on where this sits in your priorities.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Export playlist from Sonos. It would be great to be able to export my Sonos playlist and then be able to re-import them again.  Two reasons why:
1. Backup of my playlists.  Some of the have taken a long time to perfect.
2. I recently moved my library from a PC to a NAS device.  That broke all of my playlists.  A simple export, search and replace and then re-import would have solved that problem.  Instead, I had to recreate them all manually 😞
Export for backup purposes of course AND with a possibility to import them on iTunes when earing music on the road with an iPod. thanks.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled I love my playlists - how do I backup/recover them. I've spent a lot of time making playlists. How do I back them up in case my PC dies. If they are backed up how would I recover them. All my music is already backed up.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Import and export playlists. If you have 2 or more Sonos systems at different locations, it would
be so helpful and easy to export your playlists and import them at the different location. This would save a lot of time and is a big convenience.
Maybe a kind of syncing-option would be great as well !!
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Sonos already has this. They used it to allow me to backup my playlists when they were helping me with a problem. It is a simple file called PLAYLISTEXPORTER-PC.exe (though the 2012 version I have doesn't seem to work anymore, probably due to recent updates) and there is another called (you guessed it) PLAYLISTRESTORER.exe that restores the exported playlists to your Sonos unit. The point is that the support folks at Sonos use these tools all the time, so why not just release them?
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And seems like an easy thing to implement to. I lost all mine a while back . . once I get to point I have a lot of them again and don't want to lose them . . I am going to take an old bridge I have I don't use anymore. Hard Reset it and add it to the system. Then unplug it and store it aside somewhere. Then if I ever need to start the system from scratch again I can just disconnect all my other devices and start the network again from that backup bridge.
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What can I say that hasn't already been said, the only thing that lets Sonos down is the back up function,
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I have also had to do a reset and bemoan the loss of my playlists. Sonos does it all so well, and I think the system is fantastically designed but this is letting us, the consumer, down on basic functionality. Rule 1 always have a back-up! Mick
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I also have had a need for a backup of playlists. As after spending considerable time creating a number of playlists, I then had a need to do a factory reset. The results, which are now obvious, was the loss of months of playlist generation, If I had had an option of backing up the playlists and then restoring after the reset, it would have made the whole process far less stressful. My admiration for Sonos took a dent that day. Barry