Feature Request: Export and Import Sonos Playlists

  • 25 February 2013
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216 replies

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Unfortunately there isn't any news right now around this feature, but I'll knock on a few doors for you and remind the team there's still interest in this feature.
I can (of course) only speak for myself and I have to say I'm sorry to find this feature on the back burner. I keep hoping, though.
Lost 3 of 4 yeard of collecting tracks with sonos playlists. Really hate them for this. Overthinking to sell the stuff. I know, they dont care.
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I know, they dont care.
It seems Sonos is putting their money on future developments as streaming music and voice control. That's all very fine by me, but I get the feeling the old contingent of customers is being left behind. And that's a shame.
I have 2 Sonos systems in 2 different locations. Music files are on a NAS in each location, which are cloud synced - the exact same music is in each location automatically. But I have no way to share/sync playlists. REALLY need this! Please give me some way to export/import or sync playlists across 2 separate Sonos systems!
I have sonos on 2 different locations A and B , i changed one device from A to the other location B, and unfortunately the playlists of B and alarms of B are gone when having added one single device in B coming from A .

There seems no way back to recover the playlists from location B in location B after having added one single Sonos device in location B coming from location A

This is not nice. A lot of effort has gone.
Please avoid this beheaviour of Sonos in the future releases.
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Due to the lack of Sonos responding on this subject, you'll have to do the selection manually. I agree, it's a shame.
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If it's really important to be able to modify your playlists, it's probably best to use iTunes playlists or playlists through a music service, such as Spotify or Google Play Music. Those options have a lot more functionality to them over Sonos Playlists which are just saved Sonos Queues.
If only someone warned me years ago about this lacking functionality (a Sonos rep? a user manual? a remark on the Sonos website?) before I started building Sonos playlists of over 500 items, which later proved to be uneditable, unbackuppable and unexportable.
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I have another reason to be able to export my Sonos Playlist. Backup is one reason. The other is to move from house to house. A number of people have more than one house or a vacation cottage. Sonos is both. Be great to sync the Playlist in the cloud but export/import would be another approach.
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Another +1.
The is a python Sonos Play Lists controller on GitHub. https://github.com/stu247/spl
Plus 1!
Any news ...
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Yes please - useful for converting itunes / media player / etc. playlists.
As per the posts by mintchop (26 Aug 16) and beynym's response on 28 Aug 16, I'd like to add myself to the request for a self-managing playlist in the Sonos app, whether it's a Windows or iOS version (both would be nice...)

There are several (dozens probably) other posts I found on the Sonos forum with clients asking for this particular feature, all of which are being ignored by Sonos, except for a few platitudes offered by Ryan S

I cannot begin to imagine why a senior Sonos employee hasn't been made aware of the level of dissatisfaction this software omission is making to their so called "valuable" customer. Come on Sonos, get your act together
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Add another one looking for basic functionality / features.

Sonos seem keen to remove features (no track count etc) and offer nothing in return.
So Alexa, Spotify Connect and Airplay 2 are not free new features? Radio.com? Perhaps you mean that the particular features you want are low on Sonos' priority list?
It is not a 'nice to have', it is an absolute necessity given the number of users that have lost their playlists (like me) and the length of this thread, And the solution is so easy to implement, and has been proposed many times before.
I'd like to add my vote for some way to export a playlist. I use Google play. Created a 3000 song playlist in Sonos . I'd like to have it available in Google play. It is frustrating. Using pc app I can scroll through the complete playlist. In the drop-down menu at the playlist level, a save/export as xml would be a nice feature.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled I love my playlists - how do I backup/recover them. I've spent a lot of time making playlists. How do I back them up in case my PC dies. If they are backed up how would I recover them. All my music is already backed up.
Export for backup purposes of course AND with a possibility to import them on iTunes when earing music on the road with an iPod. thanks.
+1 for at least be able to export "sonos playlists"

In my case me, my wife and kids have made nice "Sonos Playlists" but there is no way (as far as i know) to export them in for example XML or M3U format to be able to use them on a MP3 player and/or phone for example.

I lost all my playlists when I added a new Sonos component which became the main "bridge" for my setup...
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Please, please, add the possibility to save, import, export and edit Sonos playlists. Due to my own mistake I just lost a carefully constructed playlist by saving it as a playlist already present. My error, sure. But if I had the possibility of replacing it with a backup I wouldn't have had any problem at all.
Hi controlav,

I got a response back from Sonos support - advising I use the external streaming playlist functionality! So I've dumped my huge export into a spreadsheet - and am cherry picking the lists into Napster via: https://soundiiz.com/webapp/playlists - so far it's working out OK - a little slow, but that's due to it all being copy and paste. I think I'll see how the UX works using Napster playlists for a while - if I get frustrated, I might be back here to revisit the queue import solution. Thanks for your help - wouldn't have managed to get this far without you.
Unbelievable how Sonos can irritate their biggest fans! ... I stopped using sonos playlists all together and use Spotify to manage my playlists ... My biggest irritation is the arrogance of not even explaining why exporting/importing and sorting playlists are not being offered.
Hi from France, 
Can not say better than User187243:[/url]

" Unbelievable how Sonos can irritate their biggest fans! ... I stopped using sonos playlists all together and use Spotify to manage my playlists ... My biggest irritation is the arrogance of not even explaining why exporting/importing and sorting playlists are not being offered"

why Sonos does not answer us ?
Am a big fan, have spent a lot of money for my Sonos system,
and they don't even answer to this important topic