Feature Request: Consistent Media Progress Bar (Especially for SiriusXM Pre-Recorded Shows)

  • 13 October 2023
  • 2 replies

The S2 app’s media progress indicator does NOT work the same consistently throughout the music sources?  For example, I can drag it in Spotify but NOT when listening to prerecorded shows in SiriusXM.  It’s easily my least favorite thing about Sonos.  For years, I’ve found myself relistening to parts of hours longs shows that I’ve already heard just to get to the parts I haven’t heard.  I just want to be able to drag the progress bar forward and backwards in these types of recordings.



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2 replies

Be sure to forward your request to SiriusXM.

SONOS provides a software kit that music services can use to integrate with SONOS systems. There is no charge to the music service. This is why there are may dozens of services available to SONOS users vs a small handful of services with competing products. Some services have more limited integration with the SONOS system.

In this case Spotify had integrated the drag and SiriusXM has not.

That’s a great idea.  If you can figure out how to do that, you’re a better man than me.  They seem to be hiding their contact information better than AOL.