Feature request - configure alarm to play in mulitple rooms

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I can’t find anywhere this has been requested before, which I find surprising.


I think there should be the ability to select multiple rooms when configuring an alarm.


Yes I know you can select to include grouped rooms.  But this relies on someone checking that rooms are grouped correctly before going to bed.  We have tried and failed to do this consistently in a busy household - it’s not a satisfactory solution. 
The alarm should have the ability to group rooms to achieve the desired outcome.


We have tried setting the same alarm up in multiple rooms, but this produces an impossibly pronounced echo effect!!

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Hi @Peck, thanks for your suggestion!


This is certainly a popular one, and a request I’ve seen a few times on here. I’ll be sure to pass your comments on to our software team as a feature request for consideration. Please do let us know if you have any other suggestions :slight_smile:

In addition to this request which is my nr one too, it would be very nice to set the volume for each room in the alarm too. In the bedroom the sonos is next to my ear so it can be at a low volume. In the bathroom it can be a lot louder.

There are already third party products who can do this, so the API is allowing it. But it would be nice to support it natively with the sonos app.