Feature request: Alphabetical sort for playlists

  • 27 May 2017
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It would be great to be able to sort tracks in a playlist alphabetically. I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks that have a sequential order. The tracks normally start with a number, e.g., "001" and are in reverse chronological order, newest first. But I need to listen to them in chronological order, in order of creation. Without an alpha sort, I have to individually add each track to the playlist to get them in the right order. Thanks.

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4 replies

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Hi Rick_28,

Thanks for taking the time to pass along your feedback. I'll get the information passed along to the team, but I wanted to clarify something first. What source (e.g. Spotify, Radio by TuneIn, "On This iPhone", etc.) do you use in Sonos for the podcasts?
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I use Radio by TuneIn, Google Play, and iTunes for podcasts. Thanks for considering this suggestion.
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Actually, if I could just sort the Queue, that would be great! Then I could save it regardless of the source.

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I recently created a playlist of my Christmas music (my collection --> filter by genre). It has over 1000 songs, so I broke it into 7 playlists (one for each day of the week). I did this by adding all the songs to the queue, choosing shuffle, saving the queue as a playlist, clearing the queue and adding the playlist to the queue and shuffling again; saving that truly shuffled list as a playlist; then selecting 1/7 of the list at a time adding that to the queue and save that smaller queue as a playlist (yes, it was not a fast process).

Now, I would like to sort these lists alphabetically so that I can move duplicate songs in one list to another (so each list has ~150 unique songs).