Does Sonos allow podcasts played from Downcast?

I use Downcast to aggregate the podcasts I listen to.

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Sonos can play podcasts if they have been downloaded to the streaming device or a computer but does not have a partnership with Downcast specifically. 

Take a look at this page to further information regarding this option. 

Let us know if you have further questions. 
I have a question -- is Sonos working on a partnership with Downcast or with Instacast or Overcast? The current solution with the Podcasts app or with Stitcher is not a strong solution as these apps don't really offer the seamless podcast management that Downcast/Instacast/Overcast can 
Hello Dominique, Great that a sonos representative responds. I would have bought a sonos set today, if one could play from downcast directly, as requested by many posts... What do u say? Thank u
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Hello User73219 and Marcelle,

We don't have any new updates to announce in regards to a partnership with Downcast. As mentioned before, if the content is downloaded directly to the device and is in a readable format Sonos has the potential to access it's content. 
Has Sonos ever talked to Downcast?
@Tom - They haven't, but I got both to "talk" on Twitter. Downcast said they'd look into the API, but nothing as of yet.
Thanks so much for your efforts.
Another vote for having Downcast & Sonos get together. Please please!
Yes please! I would also buy a Sonos setup if this was enabled.
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I'm an man myself. Is it possible to do this without Sonos? Does Sonos not offer an API or SDK? It would seem to be in their interest to do so.
I support any additional podcast options through the Sonos App as the iOS podcast app is not very dependable.
+1 Please improve the podcasting Sonos functionality or supporting AirPlay.
I have a fairly large sonos system and generally Iove it. However, these days I listen to podcasts just as much as music, probably more. It's pretty ridiculous that I place my phone on top of my play 1 and listen to the podcast out of my phone speaker. I've been waiting for real podcast support for years at this point. Starting to think maybe sonos just isn't right for me if they're not going to implement a fix for this obvious oversight.

And btw, the current implementation through the apple podcast app doesn't remember your spot in the podcast, so it's useless.
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I want to listen to more podcasts as well but it's true that the current podcast integration within Sonos is flawed.

As is mentioned what would be needed is a podcast aggregator/supplier to submit their service into Sonos but I guess the real problem is that as far as I know there is no subscription podcast service and as there's no money to write such an interface
I too use downcast to listen to podcast, while it may be possible if they are downloaded to my phone, I’m not sure, +1 for adding downcast 🙂