Display long track and album names on controller apps

  • 16 July 2013
  • 8 replies

The iPhone app needs some way to display entire track names and album names without waiting, perhaps in the "track details" screen. I understand the need for fixed-height items in the main track list, but variable height textboxes in the "track details" and "Album details" screens would be very useful. This is frustrating when browsing similarly named tracks in Spotify, especially with classical music.

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8 replies

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This need exists for the library, but also in most of service result like TuneIn, 8Tracks, and so on.
That's right - a reworked "details" screen with more information like full song and album titles, dates and other metadata would be great in all parts of the controller app. It would probably have to use vertical scrolling to solve the size problem.
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Indeed, I'm having the same problem. For example, the title of Jethro Tull's 1976 album Too old to rock 'n' roll, too young to die! doesn't show at all, just the first 4 words are visible. Would scrolling be an option?
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Huge +++1 to add to this request.  I find this to be a highly problematic issue...and a very odd oversight on Sonos behalf.  This seems like such a fundamental and necessary feature - to be able to see the entire title in some fashion.  It would not necessarily need to be prominently displayed in the top menu, but one should able to tap on the title at some point to display the entire title.  In the old app, this was possible.  I have a huge amount of boxed jazz sets and it makes it difficult to navigate through them.  If someone has a huge classical collection this would also be very frustrating.  I also just discovered that browsing my collection of Grateful Dead live releases is a problem.  At the end of every title is the date of the show, and this is now not visible.  With the GD shows, it is pretty much the date of the show that one needs to see in order to determine which one you are in the mood to listen to.  I will probably have go through and rename and re-tag hundreds of items to make the new Sonos app usable.  I would actually consider buying an inexpensive tablet to remedy this issue if I knew for a fact that the larger display area was a remedy.

I am probably a little more agitated than the average Sonos user - many of who may not even care about this deficiency, but the lack of this functionality REALLY bothers me to the point where I'm just irritated and cranky every time I pull up the Sonos app now. 

As an aside, I will say I like the look and feel of the new app in most other respects.
The new iPad-app doesn't show long tracknames anymore. The previous one showed them as running text. That was not really perfect but it was a work around. Especially with classical music the tracknames can be long and filled with essential information for choosing the right track.
I thoroughly agree. I, too, listen exclusively to classical music and all the details that are available are needed, preferably without a scrolling function. A separate screen is OK. My main station is "AVRO baroque around the clock"
Dear SONOS, Long track names. Can't read. Chopped off before their prime. Please help fix, either by scrolling, or wrapping onto 3 lines. iPad and android app. Soon would be nice. Oh, and I love Avro too.
I have made the same suggestion to SONOS, only to be told they can't disclose their roadmap for controller app changes and they won't tell me whether they're even considering this one. It is ridiculous to have to look at my controller and see "Haydn: Symphony No..." or "Beethoven; String Quar..." and not be able to tell which of the dozens of those symphonies or quartets is which! Makes selecting music from the Android controller virtually impossible.