Directly Share Sound from Phone to SONOS

  • 6 December 2016
  • 1 reply

I would like to be able to play anything on my phone (using the phone's app) and have it play on SONOS.
SONOS doesn't have Audible support or YouTube support. This would not be a problem if I could just share my phone's sound (using native Audible and YouTube app functionality) like how bluetooth works.
Even for apps where SONOS does have their own version (like Spotify) The SONOS version of the Spotify app has a lot less functionality than the Spotify app on my phone.

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1 reply

A) Today Sonos released Sonos Direct Control for Spotify, which gives you exactly what you want for the Spotify app.

😎 Sonos has expressed their wish that all other native apps be given Sonos Direct Control support and have created an API specifically for this purpose. I guess it is up to services themselves now.

C) No matter if Sonos wishes it or not, any service can refuse to allow third party hardware to play their content. YouTube is one service which has historically not allowed their content to be directly played by audio only devices, of which Sonos is one. Their TOS specifically prohibits splitting of audio from video in order to play directly on 3rd party hardware and unlike Bluetooth, Sonos plays directly from the source.