Difficulty finding song, playlist and more on spotify services

  • 11 March 2023
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I have insert on Sonos system my Spotify account (Family plan), but when I try to find something I Have difficult to find songs.
If I try on direct on Spotify app, with same account, research works regularly.


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5 replies

Are you on the correct search tab in the Sonos App and are you then expanding the results list under the main Spotify heading. See ‘example’ screenshot attached.


yes this is result 



Maybe first try reauthorising your Spotify music service in the Sonos App in ‘Settings/Services & Voice’ using your primary Spotify account credentials.

If that does not solve it, you could perhaps go onto try a Sonos App ‘reset’ in ‘Settings/App Preferences’ and on reopening the App and accepting the T&C’s, connect back to the ‘existing’ Sonos system and see if that then fixes it.


I tried with your advice, but does’t work.
I tried also uninstall app,  but that didn't fix it.

Dunno then, the only time I’ve seen something similar to this before is where the Spotify service within Sonos is logged in with an account linked to the ‘free’ Spotify service, but if you have the family plan setup and are logged in with the primary Spotify account, then it should be working for searching for particular songs.

I would maybe go onto do a (failed) search and then submit a Sonos system diagnostic report from within the Sonos App and either note/post it’s reference back here and then contact/chat with Sonos Support Staff via this LINK  and see what the Staff can suggest to resolve the matter.