Deleting a Room

  • 4 December 2018
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For the love of everything that is Holy, is there a simple way to delete a room on the Sono unforgiving app? It is unreal that feature is not readily available.

Best answer by John B 4 December 2018, 08:55

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4 replies

Hi. There is no need for such a function. 'Room' is just a label for a speaker. If the speaker is there you need a label for it. If it isn't there, it won't appear in the app. (You might have to exit the app and go back in to update its view of the system, but that's about all.) Could you explain what it is you are actually trying to achieve please, and people here will try to help. But we cannot tell you how to delete a room in the app because that doesn't mean anything.
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Just pull the power to the speaker: magically it will vanish from the app (after a minute or two). If it is hard-paired (eg as a surround) then best to un-surround it first.
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Add me to the many who cannot delete a room in Sonos. Have: 1-Sonos Beam; 2-Sonos 1; 3- Sonos 1. Mistakenly I added an additional "Room" and One of the Sonos 1's goes to one "Room", while the other Sonos 1 goes to the other "Room". This should not be that difficult :--(
You can pair the speaker with another "room", and the original room will disappear, if there are no other speakers in it. You can't have non-paired speakers with the same "room" name, though. If you wanted two speakers in the living room, but not a stereo pair, you'd need to name them differently, like Living Room and Living Room 2.