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  • 6 September 2012
  • 29 replies

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Would be nice to set up a couple of default groups and just be able to select those instead of alway having to go individually and select. I have 9 rooms on Sonos. Usually have a group of 3 together and a group of 2 together.

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29 replies

Yes, please! I currently have 9 rooms w/Sonos... soon to be 11. This would be tremendous! I envision this working as a default group assigned to a device... when a device is removed from its most recent group it simply returns to its default group instead of becoming a standalone device. You might consider having the default group names persist, even when all devices have been reassigned to other groups. That way when I want to play a song in the "Kids Rooms" default group, but all those devices are currently reassigned, Sonos simply asks if I want to pull all devices back into "Kids Room" group... I click "yes" and the music plays with fewer clicks.

The beauty of assigning default groups is that it doesn't meaningfully complicate the primary interface, this is an advanced setting assigned to each speaker, it doesn't need to be exposed to all users... just Sonos power users with significant investments in the products.
Honestly, it's kinda crazy that I need to recreate all my speaker groups after using "party mode", for instance. I recreate speaker groups at least twice every day... it makes no sense.
Very much support this - an obvious step. I only have 2 devices and its a pain in the butt.
I would love to have this feature! This thread is 4 years old, it would be nice to have some kind of response.