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  • 6 September 2012
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Would be nice to set up a couple of default groups and just be able to select those instead of alway having to go individually and select. I have 9 rooms on Sonos. Usually have a group of 3 together and a group of 2 together.

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29 replies

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Hi Doug, thanks for sharing your idea.
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Yes this is also a often missed feature for me. I have three devices but I mostly use three different combinations out of the possible six.
yes, this would ease a lot the use of any sonos system comprised of more than two devices
The requested feature has quite some supporters. Please have a look at .
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it is a must.... Frankly i think that it´s a peace of cake to make...
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I believe this would be one of the most impactful and useful features sonos could add to their controller. If they could integrate this into the alarm, even better. Sonos pretty much does everything I could want or imagine except for this one thing.
I'd like this feature to also allow for an optional per speaker default volume setting to be applied when the preset group is selected. Right now when after manually reconfiguring to a different grouping you have to go in and adjust the volume on individual speakers to get the correct sound balance.
Would also be nice if preset groups (and associated volume) can be automatically activated at a preset time.. Handy feature to make time based auto play (aka alarms) more useful.
In a bathroom where all power goes off when I hit a switch, Would it be possible for Sonos to auto-rejoin the last associated group? I tested it with a Play5 but it didn’t work so I had to explicitly turn music back on in that room all the time. Maybe this can be made possible with an upgrade? Maybe the default group option might help vs auto-rejoining-last-known?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Group Defaults. Have groupings that can be saved and have one grouping that is the default. For instance, when I go into SONOS initially it would put all the outside speakers together and the Master Suite areas together. It could preset the volume and load a playlist. That would be a named selectable pre-defined grouping. More groupings would be available. Also you could allow "last-used grouping" to reload if a network problem ungroups rooms.
This would be great. I have once 3 ConnectAmps and once 2 ConnectAMPs always in one group. I sometimes addd more other zones to this, so it would be perfect if I could put them together in one group and give it a new name. So I would see only one group instead of 3 in all day use. If I want to change this, it could be done in the settings.

This is realy the only thing I miss on sonos!
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Akin to this is the often-requested "Revert player to prior group/volume after Autoplay is ended" feature. I would like to see that implemented, it seems so simple.
I posted this idea of default/super groups to the french support team before being sent here by them. I still can't realize this idea is at least 2 years old, asked by so many people and is still NOT implemented !

Hey product guys, what about stopping adding new fancy useless online services,  redesigning a perfect app into a bad one, or forcing us to buy a new iPad every 6 months : just listen to your customers !
Please implement this.
We only have a simple setup connected to my surround system and CD player, it would be nice to have a default group with the Play5 and connect line in, set up so I dont have to go into a controller every time I switch on.
I use my bedroom Sonos to wake up to. But then I have to click three times to join it back with the other six. How about moving the "Party mode - all play" button to the top screen?
Would be great if we can start with groups instead of components.
will reduce a lot of clicking.
Agree completely. Please add groups, Sonos!
Hi Sonos official reps.  Would it be possible to have a reply to this request? Is it planned? Or has it been ruled out?

At its simplest the request is to have pre-defined groups.  These predefined groups could just be added to the set of rooms (so for example there could be a "ground floor" or "party" room as well as "living room", "dining room"), which would mean the existing controller UI wouldn't have to change except for settings. Alternatively they could be named something else: groups, zones. Then the UI would have to change to allow these be simply selected.
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I would like to see more group options available in the Sonos app.

I would also like to preset the default volume for each individual speaker in a group. This way, when the group is enabled, the speakers are at a known volume.
Just want to add my vote for this feature; the ability to define and save named groups. The post referenced above by Sven Willert shows this was requested 10 years ago!
I would like to see more group options available in the Sonos app.

I would also like to preset the default volume for each individual speaker in a group. This way, when the group is enabled, the speakers are at a known volume.

Excellent idea!
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one month ago, I started a thread with a similar topic. The idea is to create profiles: E.g. click on "Night" to
-select only speakers in living room
-set defined low volume
-start defined music

Please see here:

This is so easy to implement. And for the money we spend on these gadgets...
I really hope that we get an auto-join feature that regroups devices after power off. Because otherwise, the power consumption is really too high.

Maybe Sonos could give us some feedback whether such a feature is planned?