Crossfade customization

  • 17 September 2013
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Please add the ability for the user to pick the amount of time for the crossfade playback feature when using Sonos.

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9 replies

If this could be done it would be a major plus for Sonos users. The ability to cross fade the songs is very nice but horrible and no point if the song coming in obliterates the song fading out for its last 15 seconds. This sounds very rough - especially on those songs which finish cold and don't fade. Ideally there should be no gaps between the songs but not at the expense of drowning out too much of the outgoing/incoming song. The Apple Nano have perfected the cross-fade and I do tend to go to that rather than my Sonos just to get the more professional approach to cross fading. Sonos, please upgrade this feature to perfection asap. Thanks.
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More importantly for me, don't make the 2nd song (outgoing) fade in. just start it up as normal while the other is fading out. This doesn't sound as strange and prevents the beginning of songs from being cut off. 
I agree with CiXel, and like the premium account of Spotify, I like to have the possibility to change the range of seconds of crossfading to my own taste. 10 seconds is long I prefer a range from 6 to 9 seconds. For instance, live wma -tracks could even deal with 3 or 4 seconds.
I agree with all of the above, but would also like to have the ability to fade out ALL songs in the queue at a set amount of time - depending on the circumstances. If I have a large party and want to get through 250 awesome tracks in a particular time frame, this would allow me the opportunity to listen to all the songs in my queue at the party! i.e.... gradually fade out all songs at (let's say) the 3 minute mark, and start the next song in the queue at it's normal volume (don't fade in the next song - just start it normally). Options would include: #1 - set time mark for all songs to begin fading out, and #2 - length of time for the actual fadeout, and #3 - set final volume at the end of each fadeout.... I think this would be an awesome feature! ANYONE ELSE AGREE ????
Oh god! I've just bought my sonos and no cross fade aagggghhhhhh I actually think I mite send them back ! The app is useless without this function who wants to listen to dance music that stops and starts grrrrrrrrr
There is a crossfade function. It's located on the track info screen ( three dots on the right of the Now Playing screen). This thread is about customizing the current function, not adding a non-existent one.
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Just wanted to "refresh" this thread hoping it is still on Sonos' close-range radar. I loved the iTunes crossfade that I used with my pre-Sonos wireless speaker system (specifically, customizable crossfade time with NO fade-in on the next song). Call me crazy, but this is my #1 complaint about Sonos.
You can control the time of fade in / fade out when using Spotify. Spotify settings, playback, crossfade bar.
I've set my Spotify crossfade to 3 seconds. Testing this theory now! I noticed that you can only do this on the PC version. On the Android version, all playback options are disabled once connected to Sonos. Looks like it works, it's using the 3-second crossfade... Now if we could just get the Crossfade setting option to persist that would be great.. Where are we with that? 🙂