• 1 April 2016
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Hi just brought the CR200 from eBay and trying to connect it so it works with my Sonos system , which can't connect to it.

My playbar is wired to one of my home-plugs and than connects all my speakers together.

For the CR200 to work do I need to get the bridge or boost for it to work? When I had the boost my Sonos worked sometime and would not connect other times.

Please help me

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5 replies

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As the CR200 has been working on another sonos setup, does it need re-setting to factory settings somehow? just a guess....
Hi Riddick1977. The CR200 will not work when your system is in wifi mode. You must have a Sonos component wired to your router. If you had problems with your system when you had a Boost, it was nothing to do with the Boost. If a home plug is a powerline adapter then that may work but is not a recommended or supported setup.

I would put the CR200 in a drawer somewhere for the moment and get a stable system with an app controller. Please give more details about what components you have and where, and where your router is located, what if anything is wired to your router, and we'll try and help.

Just out of curiosity, why did you buy the CR200?

I too had this issue. It seems if you have never had a Sonos CR100 or CR200 controller installed on your sonosnet network, but have since carried out the recent controller 'software and firmware' upgrades via your mobile devices such as iPhone iPad etc. Then there is no way to now add the old (somewhat obsolete) hardware controllers.

The only way to do this, is to get a Tier 2 Sonos Support Technician to remote onto your home network, downgrade the firmware on one of your Sonos devices such as a Bridge or Boost etc, whilst leaving everything else switched off (disconnected) and then install a necessary software/firmware patch. You can then add the CR200 controller and then the system has to be re-upgraded... When you have finished, you are invited to turn on all the other Sonos equipment and the patch/updates are mirror-installed to all your Sonos equipment.

It's a long process for the Support Staff and in fairness they are brilliant for helping people out in this position, but there must come a time when they say 'no' to doing this for the end-user and I guess the hardware will eventually not be supported at all, which is a pity as I still like both the CR100 and CR200 controllers and have several myself. In fact I just changed my battery on a CR100, which is also not the easiest of tasks, but made a lot easier thanks to a picture guide on this forum.

I hope that helps ... If you decide to not add the CR200 to your system (and some people don't bother these days, I guess) then I'm sure someone will buy it from you at a reasonable and fair price (me included).

Kind Regards...

Ken Griffiths
Does this Tier 2 Sonos Support process still work to get the CR200 back online?

I only have my Sonos Connect (Z90) connected by wire (through a switch) to my router.
All the Play1's are connected wirelessly.

I had almost grown accustomed to the fact that my CR200 was bricked by one of the system "improvements". But now that the controller app on my iPhone4 has also stopped working, I really would like to get some form of control besides the software on my laptop.
They just added two CR100s for me today, which are older than the CR200. They were able to do it without downgrading anything BTW. Basically, they were able to connect through my computer and force a firmware update on one of the CR100s for me, the other one was able to upgrade itself after they got it connected. It was about a 45 minute call, but pretty painless. To speed things up, download putty on your laptop beforehand, and have the serial numbers written down ahead of time.