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  • 2 November 2017
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Hi there. I'm new to the Sonos game. So far I love it but still have a couple of questions. I have my account set up and my controller on my iPhone which controls a Sonos One in the Bedroom and a Sonos 3 in the Living Room. Now, if my wife wants her own controller on her phone (or tablet, or where ever), would she need to create her own Songs account and log in with her log in info so she can create her own "My Sonos" area on her controller? I put the app on her phone and it asked if I want to join the existing network or create a new one. I tried 'join the existing' and the app populated with all my settings like my favorite stations and in the "My Sonos" area. Should I have set up a new account for her? How does that work? Thank you so much for your help.

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7 replies

There is no real concept of accounts within the Sonos system. You did the right thing. That is the way it is. If you have separate streaming accounts such as Spotify you can link them both and have your own controller default to your account.
But lets say my wife adds some of her favorites to the "My Sonos" areas, will those then show up on my phone as well? So we can't have separate things we favor?
The controllers are just controllers and store very little information. The controllers just give you a view of the one system.
So there couldn't be 2 separate Sonos accounts with their own separate controllers control the same system, correct?
No, not with a single system. I don't know how many ways you want me to say that.
I appreciate your help even with the snippy comment. 🙂 I'm so new to this and trying to figure it all out. I just wondered if it was even possible for my wife to create her own Songs account account and then just use the same speakers just as a different system. Or maybe it is not about different accounts but because the system runs on the same WiFi network? Did I just answer my own question?
You're almost there. It's just one system, and each of you has a remote control. Think of it more like a TV set. You're both watching the same TV, but you might have 2 different remotes.

All of the "smarts" of a Sonos system is built in to each speaker. They have a small computer and wifi card, with a limited amount of memory, all hooked up to the speaker. So, all the data that your individual controllers is showing you is what's on all of the speakers (each one has a copy of all the data). There's effectively nothing stored on the phone itself.