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  • 12 October 2016
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I currently own an EA3 controller from C4 and the Sonos Connect, as well as the playbar and play 1 for two separate zones. The C4 does my 5.1 living room, and a zone in the patio, and one in the master bath run on a Pioneer Elite SC 91 AVR. All of these are hardwired and can currently be grouped together. The Playbar and Play 1 can be grouped together themselves, but not in tandem with the other three zones mentioned above.

I am trying to connect all 5 zones that they can play the same source (ie Pandora) at the same time as we move through different zones of the house. Currently they can all do separate instances of Pandora and other digital music.

I purchased the Sonos Connect in hopes it would hold hands with the C4 to bridge this gap. I am not sure whether the C4 should go to an input on the Sonos Connect or if the SC should be an input onto the C4. The Playbar and Play 1 are connected as a zone in C4 via IP addresses currently. I suppose there is a possibility the SC can go directly to Pioneer AVR.

Which connection method would accomplish my goal?

Any advice appreciated.

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7 replies

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Control4 integration was only recently launched and this forum is mainly end users rather than Control4 dealers who would be your best bet for help.

You could try logging a support call with Sonos but they may point you in the direction of a Control4 integrator.
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Hi kbardin, welcome to the community. It looks like the EA3 has digital coax and analogue input and output ports, so it's definitely compatible with the CONNECT. If the Control4 can play from it's input port to the living room, patio and master bath, then I think it doesn't really matter which way round you do it. If you wanted to keep everything Sonos grouped together and not interact much with the Sonos app, then I would do this:

  • Connect the EA3's output to the CONNECT's input
  • On your Sonos app, group everything together
  • Go to Settings, Room Settings and select the CONNECT
  • Under Line-In, set the 'Autoplay Room' to be the CONNECT itself
  • Make sure 'ungroup on autoplay' is not ticked

With this configuration the CONNECT will detect a Line-In signal when there is one, and automatically play it to all grouped zones. If you prefer to use your Sonos app for most of the music selection and control, then do this the other way around. Have the CONNECT's outputs going to the EA3 inputs.
Thanks all, and thank you Tom. The solution you described ending up working out the best. Before I implemented the Line-in signal, I knew that it should work, because all available zones showed up in C4. But there wasn't sound in non Sonos speakers. Turned out I needed to adjust the volume slider in Sonos all the way up to 100% to then use everything from C4 app/remote.

The only issue now is the Sonos speakers are in real time while the hardwired speakers that have C4 processing are delayed. But this tends to be in non-adjacent zones and is tolerable.

Thanks so much
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No problem; glad it's working for you. Enjoy!
Tom, under the room settings, line-in is not selected. I am using the analogue inputs on the back of CONNECT. The only options under room settings are room name, line-OUT level, and white indicator light.
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The Line-In option should appear automatically when the CONNECT realizes there are cables connected. Try putting a signal down the line (playing some music). If that doesn't help, there may be an issue with the cables, ports, or the device on the other end.

I will be installing control4 in my new house with the EA5 controller i have a couple of sonos play 1 and will be adding play 3 soon. Would i be directly able to integrate these wireless play 1 and 3s with the c4 app or do i need some hardware addons? Can i play the two play 1 as a different zone through the C4??

I am pretty new to this so please give maximum details possible thanks