constantly having issues connecting to two separate networks

I have two separate Sonos networks, one at my house one on my boat. Every time I leave either one of these systems, I have issues connecting with them when I return. My house has a boost that I usually end up having to unplug and then plug back in for my system to work which I think is absolutely insane. My boat is the bigger issue, I don't have a boost on this network, I'm connecting two play 5's to a T-Mobile home internet wireless router.  I'm currently not able to connect to my network unless I unplug both speakers and plug them back in. Sometimes I even have to hold the button down to reset each one. Why is this a constant issue? I've tried other routers before and had the same issue. Should I just drop the speakers in the water and try another brand?


So I've tried six times now to reset both speakers on this network and have been unable to do anything with them. Is this where I start my class action lawsuit? 


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