Constant Updates REALLY ANNOYING

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Who else is getting sick and tired of constant requirement to reconfig and update Sonos Controller SW. Im a LONG TIME Sonos use, love the simplicity, but the bugginess/constant need to upgrade every time I use my Sonos is ruining my experience. Yes I've maybe 10+ devices connected but still. Who's with me?

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Can't see why they would do that.
I had 10.1.1 yesterday...
I wonder how many of the continuing 'complainers' here in this thread have still chosen not to...

(a) Add their Sonos IP addresses to their routers DHCP Reservation Table?

Sonos Support recommended me NOT to do this when we where troubleshooting my system a while ago.
Do you mean this recommendation has changed?
As my post says T-S, it is one of the first things the 'experienced' community users here suggest to do when the user encounters dropout speaker issues after updating.

Since I personally took that advice onboard, I have never had a single loss/dropout issue with any Sonos update and I can say that is also the case on behalf of family and friends at their homes too... but the other things I mentioned alongside, are also worth considering too, I think, as per my post.

If you have not yet tried these things and are encountering problems with the Sonos updates, then it’s really a matter for you to decide. It’s actually more of a local networking issue, rather than a Sonos related matter, but it appears it has consequential benefits for some routers that may get 'tangled' with (re)issuing IP addresses to multiple devices.

If you are having such similar issues, then the simple answer is to “try it and see” ... there is no problem with doing this in any event, as it simply ensures the network device gets the same IP address and that the address is not issued to any other device. You are giving the speaker a static home with the same network address every time it reboots or your router reboots etc.