Connecting CR200 to new Boost

  • 20 September 2022
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My old Bridge stopped working so I replaced it with a new Boost. Now my (controller) CR200 won’t seem to connect with my system. The CR200 will work if I disconnect the Boost and connect a speaker to an Ethernet cable but once I reconnect the Boost to the Ethernet cable the CR200 the controller stops working and won’t connect to the system. I can operate the Sonos system on the Sonos app bonus my iPhone but I really was hoping to keep using the CR200 controller. Any tips?

1 reply

Rather than fussing with BOOST, assume that the BRIDGE power supply is the issue until proven otherwise. If you can measure, voltage the BRIDGE power supply should output slightly over 5 Volts. Less than 5V BRIDGE will develop a range of intermittent, hard to describe issues.

Avoid Factory Reset without further consult.